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Licensed & Insured Estate Sale Planning

What We Do - Q & A


How do we start the process?  - 

   Our first visit comes to you free-of-charge. I will visit your home personally, walking through each room and together we’ll come up with a plan that works for you going forward. If you’re happy with our plan, we will discuss dates for your estate sale and sign an agreement.

How does getting ready for the sale work? - 

   Our professional and friendly crew come to your home and begin the process of organizing, staging, pricing and preparing for the day of your sale.

What’s expected of you? - 

   Transitions like these can often add stress to your life. Let us take care of the hard stuff. Your job is to relax and have the time and energy to prepare for your next step!

How do you get the word out? - 

   When you work with us, you are accessing the community relationships we’ve worked hard to develop over 20 years of doing business in the Portland Metro area. We advertise your sale via our extensive customer and dealer mailing list, using traditional and new media.

What can I expect when we’re finished? -

   Our goal is to sell the entire contents of your home at the highest possible price and leave the property ready for the next phase. We will stay in close contact throughout the sale process so that you’re comfortable with every step along the way.

What else should I know going forward? -

   Each sale is unique because each customer is an individual. We understand the personal sentiment attached to our homes and belongings, and that everyone comes to these moments with their own circumstances and needs.


Do you want to run a sale yourself?

Book a consultation with Thea, she will help you create a plan on how you can find a new home for your items by going through each room and discussing the best possible plan for your estate. She will also evaluate some of your more collectible items and give you valuable resources to liquidate on your own. 
Consultation takes about 2 hours on-site and 1 hour off-site.

Contact Thea HERE

or call 503-539-0770

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